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Our shelf protection gives you the opportunity to present goods openly and yet protect them from theft. Quite

to the delight of your sales and your inventory. Using inconspicuously mounted sensors, we can measure inventory changes on your shelves and inform you of suspicious removals. In the event of suspicion, a video of the removal process will be sent to the monitoring computer and selected cell phones/tablets on which you can observe the process. This way you can react early and catch the thief on the shop floor. In case you don't hear your cell phone, we have developed a bracelet that uses a gentle vibration to alert you in case of suspicious removals.

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Shelf protection


Anti-theft hook system

Since not all goods at risk of theft are on shelves, we also have a mechanism in our portfolio that protects your hooked goods such as razor blades or drill attachments from theft.


Starting from the food retail sector, hook securing is particularly interesting for drugstores and hardware stores. You can now offer your often high-priced goods, which are presented on shelf hooks, openly again without hesitation and thus increase your sales. In the event of suspicious removals, you will receive a video of the removal process as with shelf security so that you can react accordingly.


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